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Our resource centre has been created with our customers in mind

This resource centre is here to educate you, to highlight the benefits of our machines, to show you examples of previous challenges our machines have helped customers overcome and finally to show you why you should choose Height for Hire.

The Little Black Book

The Little Black Book is an easy-to-use guide to access machinery. It offers a wide range of scissor and boom lifts, as well as a selection of specialised access machinery, and is designed for customers working at projects with various phases where access needs might change.

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The Little Green Book

The Little Green Book is a guide to our local access machinery service close to you. Each book is designed with your convenience in mind and includes a range of scissor lifts and boom lifts, as well as our self drive van mounts up to 20m, readily available at your nearest Height for Hire depot.

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The Big Blue Book

The Big Blue Book is an easy-to-use comprehensive guide to operated truck mount machines for working at extreme heights or when you need maximum outreach. With truck-mounted access platforms up to 90m, it includes useful information such as specifications, working envelope diagrams and case studies. You will also find information on value-add attachments that can deliver more uptime, as well as a range of lower reach self drive options which can be driven on a standard car licence.

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The Big Yellow Book

The Big Yellow Book is an easy-to-use comprehensive guide to problem solving Spider Lifts, providing safe and efficient solutions to difficult access and egress challenges. With Spider Lifts up to 42m, it includes useful information such as specifications, case studies and detailed working envelopes and diagrams. All our Spider Lifts can be hired with an operator.

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"Getting it right at height" MEWP Safety Awareness Presentation for Construction Safety Week 2017

This is a 9-minute presentation on MEWP Safety called “Getting it right at height”. Supporting information, such as MEWP specifications, is available on our website and in our publications.

Download full presentation HERE

10 Step Guide

In this 10-step guide to safe use of access machinery, we outline 10 key guidelines for safer working practices, mitigating risks of injury to people and damage to equipment or property.

Twelve Step MEWP Checklist

This checklist is aimed at managers and supervisors who need to safely manage work at height and the use of MEWPs in compliance with regulations, helping you to promote safe working practices and transparency on your sites.

Damage Waiver

Height for Hire Waiver agreements take the worry out of hiring expensive access equipment, and gives you peace of mind every time you use our plant.

Case studies

Download our case studies and see how we find a way to solve our customers’ access challenges. That is why we are the access specialists.

Reach Higher

See our equipment and expertise in action in these 3 truck-mounted case studies. Our operators understand the importance of your uptime. That is why they find a way to work closely with your team, building partnerships of trust to ensure the job gets done, safely.

B-CW400 Cage Winch

  • Material handling capacity up to 400 kg
  • Hydraulically operated, independent from external
  • power sources
  • Extendable lifting jib
  • +/- 45 degrees rotation
  • Can remain mounted during transport

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We are not just an access hire company. We are an access solutions provider, and have often consulted on bespoke jobs for customers where our team has become part of theirs, building partnerships of trust.
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